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Hot Wok Silver Indoor/Outdoor Cooking Burner Set

- - -      January Price  £199.00  £189.00  (5% saving)      - - -

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Code:  HW2113

In Stock
Total: £189.00
GREAT SAVINGS on additional accessories if ordered at same time:

add  Large 36cm Wok Pan from Hot Wok, code HW3731 : £19.95 (usually £29.95)
add  Wok Accessory Set, code HW3721 : £14.50 (usually £22.50)
add  Wok Cleaning Whisk in Bamboo from Hot Wok, code HW5751 : £5.95 (usually £7.95)
add  Flat Burner Ring for Hot Wok burner, code HW5791 : £6.95 (usually £9.95)
add  Wok Stand in stainless steel for wok, grill or paella pans, code HW5771 : £6.95 (usually £9.95)
add  Storage and Cooling Bag for Wok Burner, code HW5715 : £19.95 (usually £29.95)
add  Trolley from Hot Wok, code HW9712 : £69.95 (usually £99.95)
Full list of accessories with GREAT SAVINGS

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Professional 4.5 KW Wok Set for Indoors & Outside. A healthy alternative to a traditional barbecue!

The Hot Wok Silver Set is a high-quality cooking product made from stainless steel that makes it possible to cook the perfect meal either indoors or out. Successful Wok Cooking requires not only a good Wok (ie cooking pan), but also a heat source underneath that is powerful enough to ensure minimul "frying" time, when needed, thereby sealing in the goodness in your food, and preventing that "boiled look", which always looks so unappetizing. The HotWok, in our opinion, provides a very good combination heat source, giving you the potential to achieve professional results both indoors and out.
  • High-quality - gas wok cooking set
  • Runs on a Propane Gas Bottle
  • Up to 4.5 KW flame, essential for professional Wok cooking
  • Ideal for indoor & outdoor use
  • Includes GAS REGULATOR and hose set
  • Great alternative to traditional barbecues
  • CE Approved
  • Code: HW2113
Most cookers are simply not suited to successful Wok cooking. When you look at Wok kitchens on television, you will see the type of flame you require under your Wok - and this is the first secret of the success of our new HotWok product - not only do you get a high quality wok pan, you also get a professional gas flame underneath, that will help you to get much better cooking results.

The second reason why we recommend this wok set is that it provides a great alternative to traditional indoor/outdoor cooking. Traditional barbecues in the garden are very enjoyable, however many people are positively inspired by the idea of being able to cook something different outdoors - and Wok recipes are both varied and often very healthy. You can even set up your HotWok alongside your traditional flame barbecue.

The gas cooker provided in our Hot Wok Set takes up minimum space, providing extra room for your bowls of freshly-chopped ingredients. What's more, you HotWok gas ring has all sorts of other uses: it is also ideal for cooking Paella, for example.
  • Gas Burner - Cast iron and equivalent to 4500 watts on an electric cooker.
  • Gas-Kit - Regulator and tube.
Large 36cm Wok Pan from Hot Wok, code HW3731
This is the larger 36cm round-bottomed professional wok pan made by Hot Wok. Having a second larger wok can be very useful if you are cooking a larger number of people, if you are preparing a number of different recipes, or if you are using one of the woks to serve the food at the table.  enlarge
Wok Accessory Set, code HW3721
This set of traditional utensils for Wok cooking will help you get off to a good start with your new Hot Wok cooking set. The set includes a Ladle, Spatula and Cooking Chop sticks. Made from wood and stainless steel.  enlarge
Wok Cleaning Whisk in Bamboo from Hot Wok, code HW5751
Wok cleaner. This cleaning whisk is made from bamboo for cleaning wok pans.  enlarge
Flat Burner Ring for Hot Wok burner, code HW5791
Flat burner ring in cast iron for Hotwok gas burner. This is used for flat-bottommed woks, pots, saucepans and pans.  enlarge
Wok Stand in stainless steel for wok, grill or paella pans, code HW5771
Round-bottomed Woks cannot normally be put down anywhere other than on a wok burner. Our Hot Wok Dish Mat solves this problem, holding a round-bottomed Wok in position. It also keeps the heat off your surfaces. Ideal for serving wok food at your dining table. Also suitable for placing the Hot Wok Paella and Grill pans on the table.   enlarge
Storage and Cooling Bag for Wok Burner, code HW5715
This insulated vinyl bag by Hot Wok can be used as a food cooler bag or as a smart storage bag for your Hot Wok gas burner.  enlarge
Trolley from Hot Wok, code HW9712
Trolley with the perfect working height for single Hot Wok gas burners. L102cm, H84cm, W42 cm. Frame in black coated steel. Work surface in teak wood. 3-sided vinyl panel. Bottom plate in chrome. 2 wheels.  enlarge

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