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Which Trampoline?

Advice on choosing a trampoline - Phone us NOW for more expert info!

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In recent years more and more families have become aware of the long term benefits of having a trampoline in their garden - children never seem to lose their enthusiasm for them, and parents are finding a new form of fun exercise. However, there are many different trampolines out there, and quality does vary quite considerably - this can lead to some confusion and, especially for those buying a trampoline for the first time, it can often be quite difficult to know if the trampoline you have chosen really represents good value for money. Here at we sell one of the broadest ranges of trampolines in the UK and we understand the differences between the various manufacturers and models very well. Not being tied to any one particular range, we can therefore expert advice with a level of impartiality that we are sure you will find reassuring. Our sales team is always on hand to advise, help and support customers who have bought, or are interested in buying one.

How much should I spend on a trampoline?
Broadly speaking, there are three quality bands for trampolines. High-end trampolines, such as our JumpKing JumpPod Deluxe trampolines occupy the top band. These trampolines are strong with very good bounce dynamics and the paddings around the edge of the trampolines are extremely durable. Mid-range trampolines are the most popular, since they combine both good performance and more affordable prices. Mid-range trampolines include the following: JumpKing JumpPOD Classic , Oval Pod. While there are subtle differences between these trampolines (we will be happy explain these to you on the phone), you will generally not make a mistake whichever of these trampolines you decide to buy. The third band is what we term Budget Trampolines. The number of budget trampolines available on the market is increasing rapidly as companies try to cash in on the trampoline boom, often with cheaply-made models whose quality leaves a lot to be desired. We therefore advise our customers to be wary of buying this sort of trampoline. Not only is performance likely to be poor, but breakages may occur in the first year or so, and spare parts may not be available. Typically you will find budget trampolines sold in high street stores, diy chains, or on the internet (with claims of heavy discounting). The main problem with budget trampolines is that customers are often faced after only a few years of needing to replace pads and springs, and the cost to do this often exceeds the amount they originally spent on the trampoline. At this point they usually start again with a mid-range trampoline - we stock many trampoline spares, and many budget trampoline customers come to us looking for parts they are unable to find from the place they originally bought their trampoline, so we are well aware of these problems.

How can I compare trampolines?
This is a question we are often asked. Customers looking to buy a trampoline for the first time often come to us looking for advice, having realised that there is an almost bewildering choice out there. We will gladly assess in a responsible manner any trampoline you have seen elsewhere - just call us on on UK +44 (0)1449 763 120. Things to look at are: Springs - the optimum for a 14ft trampoline is 96 x 8.5-inch springs (80 x 8.5-inch for a 12 ft trampoline). Try to avoid trampolines that have shorter/fewer springs. Also, try to avoid trampolines that boast more springs than 96 (14ft) or 80 (12ft) 8.5-inch springs - there is no benefit to trampoline longevity, yet performance will be compromised as the "optimum" point is exceeded. Having looked at springs, look at the Pads covering the springs. Thickness is not everything - it is more important to look at the filling - lightweight foam, however thick, is not as good as a heavyweight filling. Also, have a look at the coating - heavyweight vinyl lasts a lot longer when exposed to the sun's UV rays. Also, stick to the standard 4-leg pair frame configuration and 7" or 8.5" spring lengths as you'll always be able to easily source new pads if you need them. Having compared springs and pads, the last two things to look at are the bed (black jumping mat in the middle) and the frame. The Bed is is almost always the same whichever mid-range or better trampoline you buy. Polymesh, Permatron - whatever you wish to call it, there is practically no difference. Beds on round trampolines do not contribute to bounce performance, and on mid-range trampolines problems are very rare indeed, so therefore not so much a distinguishing feature. In fact, in probably 99%+ cases in which customers come to us to purchase a replacement bed, it is because sparks form a nearby bonfire have burnt holes in their existing one. Also, stick to the standard 12ft,80x7inch or 14ft,88x7inch or 12ft,80x8.5inch or 14ft,96x8.5inch spring configurations, and you know you'll always be able to source a new bed if you need one. Trampoline Frames these days (on mid-range trampolines upwards) are almost always well galvanised (so won't rust), and strong enough that they won't break. Frames do not contribute to bounce performance. The only spare parts we do not stock on a daily basis are frame sections - this is because there is practically no demand for them. Also, guarantees on frames are almost always 10 years - why? Because the manufacturers know this will be the last thing standing when everything else on your trampoline has finally worn out. So, frames, like trampoline beds, are not usually the big distinguishing factor. However, do avoid frames that are non standard (ie avoid trampolines with 5 or six legs, or frames that are not 14ft, 12ft or 10ft in diameter, or have a non-standard number of spring attachments) as you will find it much harder to find spare parts or find a good safety net at a good price. The exception is if you buy a non-standard trampoline (such as the JumpKing Oval Pod) that is manufactured by a reputable company who is large enough to make sure they can still continue to provide spare parts in 5-10 years time. To summarize, it's mainly about Springs, Pads, being a standard configuration, and coming from a reputable manufacturer. Beware of suppliers who put too much emphasis on frames or beds - they are probably emphasising these aspects because they have less to say about the other more important quality aspects of their trampolines.

Which colour?
This is becoming increasingly an issue for customers. Five years ago, most people opted for blue pads, as this is the traditional indoor trampoline colour. These days, there is a move toward green, as this colour tends to blend better into the garden. Of course, colour isn't everything - you should always make sure first that you are buying a good quality trampoline.

Which is the best trampoline for me?
It's very important to us that you buy the right trampoline. The age and weight guides we give are maximums; remember that children are growing rapidly. Will the trampoline be the right size for them in 3 or 4 years time? We know from customers ringing up for spare parts, that many customers wish to keep their trampolines going even after 5 years. Is it really just the children that are going to use it? Few teenagers and adults can resist the urge to 'have a quick bounce!' The choice of our outdoor trampolines falls into 4 categories:

Round trampolines
JumpKing JumpPod Deluxe , JumpKing JumpPOD Classic
For general family fun in the garden, our round trampolines are probably the best value for your money - in fact, we probably sell more of these than any other trampoline. The most popular sizes are 14 foot and 12 foot (this is the outside diameter of the frame). People who buy 10 foot trampolines generally do so owing to space limitations. In contrast to rectangular trampolines, round trampolines are generally safer to use with a more predictable bounce that tends to direct the user back towards the centre of the trampoline.

Oval trampolines
Oval Pod 10 x 15, Oval Pod 8 x 11, Oval Pod 14 x 17 New!
The Oval Pod from JumpKing is a new development in garden trampoline design, combining the performance of a rectangular trampoline with the inherent safety and value-for-money of round trampolines. Not only is this a very good-looking trampoline, it is also ideal if you you want a trampoline that blends well and doesn't take up too much width. At only 10ft wide it can even fit in narrower gardens, but will completely outperform a 10ft round trampoline in terms of jumping area, bounce performance and maximum weight.

SAFETY NET Enclosures
A Safety Net, sometimes called a trampoline enclosure or fun ring etc, is a circular net, that fits around your trampoline and prevents you falling off your trampoline. Although there are many safety net models available, quality does vary quite considerably, and is not always related to price. How to decide which Safety-Net to buy. In the past, trampoline safety nets have always been supplied separately from the trampoline, requiring fixture brackets to secure them firmly to the trampoline frame. Our JumpKing JumpPod and OvalPod range of trampolines represents a new trend in trampoline design, integrating the net with the trampoline frame. This new type of design avoids the use of fixing brackets, resulting in a stronger construction and a neater look to your trampoline.

Who is going to use it?
Just the children, and their friends? Don't forget older brothers & sisters or older members of your extended family. Will it be used by adults?

What are the users' expectations?
Is it to be just a bouncy play area for several children at once or is it for more sporting use by one at a time, i.e a young gymnast ?

Is it to be used by a child who trampolines as a sport?
Even if your trampolining child is only 9 or 10 years old and quite light, you could possibly get away with buying a Prince 18 but do be aware that the 56 x 7 inch springs will be expected to do much the same job as 100 or more 10.5 inch springs down at the sports hall. Inevitably some of them will break.

Round or Rectangular?
If you want performance and serious airtime always choose rectangular. Proper trampolines in sports halls have always been rectangular because all the springs work at a different rate to give a quicker response and a more powerful lift. For this reason we strongly recommend only one user at a time on a rectangular trampoline. On a round trampoline all the springs work at the same rate. Thus the larger the trampoline the softer, slower and less high is the bounce. Very safe though and ideal for multiple use, messing about, and just having fun.

A Black Polymesh or 2-String bed?
As in so many cases there is a trade off between performance and comfort. The 2-string bed being nylon and allowing a good through flow of air will get you bouncing higher. It will dry out quicker after rain. But it has a slightly rougher surface and may cause "mat burns" i.e grazes to elbows and knees. You should also be aware that swimming pool chlorine will shorten the life of your 2-string bed. The black mesh bed being polypropylene with absolutely no extra elasticity and giving a poor through flow of air will give you less lift. But its smooth surface will never graze even the tenderest of skin.

Weight & Age limitation
Although we give you simple weight & age limits for each model you must also consider experience, strength & skill too. The greater the height attained by the bouncer, the bigger the loading on the trampoline springs. So whilst someone may be technically under the maximum recommended weight for a particular trampoline, If they are very competent & fit, they could manage to overload the springs. If in doubt always buy bigger, you will not regret it.

Spare Parts
Always make sure that you are able to buy spare parts for your trampoline. Our experience shows that you may well need to buy the odd spring or pad after about five years (for a good quality trampoline). You need to make sure, therefore, that your trampoline manufacturer will still be around after that time. The manufacturers from whom we buy trampolines are all very welll established companies, and we supply their full range of spare parts. It is also worth adding that, as a leading supplier of trampoline spare parts in the UK, we are aware of problems faced by people who call us up requiring spare parts or accessories for non-standard trampolines - try to avoid buying a non-standard trampoline (eg 13 foot diameter trampolines, or trampolines that have 5 or 6 leg pairs rather than the standard 4 leg pairs), as it is always more difficult to get the parts (13 foot replacement pads are difficult to source, and choice of safety nets for 5 & six-legged trampolines is severly limited!).

Guarantees and Breakages
Trampoline guarantees are usually specified for different parts of the trampoline. A typical guarantee is 10 years for the frame, 5 years for the bed and springs, and 1 year on the pads. When trampolines go down-hill is is not usually the frame that fails - frames do not usually buckle or rust through (hence the long guarantee). What does tend to happen is that the springs stretch - in general, especially in the case of budget trampolines, the longer and more numerous the springs, the longer the springs will last. Irrespective of the length of the guarantee on the pads, mid-range trampoline pads usually last a good 5 years. After this period, although the pads may still offer satisfactory protection, some customers buy new pads from us simply to make their trampoline look "new" again.

Are you Outside the UK? - although we are UK-based, we do offer a European, US & worldwide shipping service. Just add the product to your cart and then select the delivery country on our cart page - delivery charges are calculated automatically ...

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