Zenith STZ 3500 Stereoscopic Microscope

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Zenith-STZ3500 Stereo Microscope

ZENITH STZ-3500 Professional Stereoscopic Microscope, up to 45x Magnification in 3D! - Ideal for professional, industrial & educational uses ...

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The Zenith STZ-3500 is a professional-quality microscope model suitable for use use in industry, laboratories, field study centres and in education. Using high quality optics, it offers sharp, bright images and is designed to last and last. Stereomicroscopes such as the STZ-3500 are used for looking at whole objects. Slide preparation is not required. It's price means that it also makes a very competitive purchase also for schools and college use. The STZ-3500 boasts very good optics at this price level (we believe the quality of the optics are the most important thing).

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ONLY £372.00

Zenith STZ-3500 x7-x45 Zoom Stereoscopic Microscope

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High performance full sized professional zoom stereo microscope ideal for use over a wide range of industrial, medical & educational applications. Features x7-x45 continuous zoom facility providing delightfully sharp, crisp, upright stereoscopic images. The magnification can be increased up to x180 with addition of the optional eyepieces and supplementary objectives that are available.

What we also particularly like about the Zenith STZ 3500 Microscope from Zenith is its robustness, and that it provides particularly clear and bright images that reveal more than other Microscopes quoting higher magnifications, which commonly suffer from poor-quality, low-detailed and dull images with such a narrow field of view that proper observation is impossible. And, we have to admit, the remarkable quality of the images makes this microscope stand out from other Microscopes in this price range.

  • Magnification x7 -x45 (Magnification of x3.5 -x180 achievable by upgrading with the optional eyepieces & supplementary objective lenses)
  • Paired widefield eyepieces x10
  • Zoom Objective magnification ratio x0.7 -x45
  • Binocular Head inclined 45°, rotatable 360°
  • Working distance 95mm
  • Field of view 4.4 - 28.6mm
  • 230v/6v 20w halogen incident illumination (positionable)
  • 230v 6v fluorescent transmitted illumination
  • Binocular head inclined 45°, rotatable 360°
  • Full interpupillary & dioptric adjustment provided
  • Rack and pinion focusing
  • Stereo head height adjustable on pillar to accommodate specimens of varying sizes
  • Supplied with dust cover
  • Dimensions 250x160x410mm
  • Weight 6.5kg
Microscope Features:
  • Ideal microscope for Industry, Laboratories, Schools, Colleges
  • 3-Dimensional View
  • Satisfaction
* Full 1 year warranty for parts & labour from date of purchase for defects in materials and workmanship.
Choosing a Microscope: There are two main categories of Microscope: The low power stereomicroscope (which produces a 3D image of a whole object), and the high power or compound which can magnify up to x1500 and is used for slide preparations. Stereo microscopes have a greater depth of focus than a high power microscope, allowing much more of the object depth to be in focus at the same time. Stereomicroscopes are used for looking at whole objects without the need for slide preparation and are ideal for those with a general interest in the smaller forms of nature or specifically for examining insects, flowers, coins and metal objects, etc. Stereomicroscopes are an ideal introduction to microscopy for children who are able to look at any object instantly, and at a relatively low magnification which allows them to make sense of what they see. Compound microscopes are used for examining slide preparations of very thin objects, or slices through larger objects, flattened objects or things which are themselves microscopic. Slide preparations are illuminated from beneath (using a mirror or in built illumination). A typical magnification range may extend from x40 upto x1000.

ZENITH: Zenith are a leading brand in high-quality microscopes, used in Education, Medicine and Industry in the U.K. and overseas for over 40years. These microscopes are widely used in Schools, Colleges, universities, professional medical laboratories around the world, as well as in a diverse range of industrial applications. Over this time they have gained a strong reputation for quality, reliability and value for money.

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