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If you would like to become multi-lingual, Eurocosm is your ideal partner. With our self-teaching course, we can satisfy the needs of students of all levels. For the most advanced students, we offer the possibility to learn German, English, French, Italian and Spanish to a fluent level all at the same time. For beginners, we would naturally recommend they concentrate on just one language at the beginning!

Furthermore, our huge resource of information, tips and links concerning "Land and Culture", "Living and Working", "Travel", our "Classifieds" section as well as our "Shop" filled with books, CDs, videos and regional products, will help our customers to feel at home, all over Europe.


European integration is impacting a growing number of areas in our lives. For example, not only are borders and markets opening up, but also the large majority of Europe's people will soon share the same currency. While these and future developments may be perceived as both opportunities and threats, we believe that those who try to embrace Europe's development, seeking at an early stage to expand their own cultural and linguistic horizons, will be in a better position to understand the changes occurring in Europe, as well as being able to take better advantage of the opportunities that a more open Europe will bring.

The founders of Eurocosm have long known about these opportunities. They have lived and worked in Germany, England, France, Italy and Spain, and are able feel at home in all of these places. They achieved success in Europe not only because they spoke all the languages, but also because they were able to combine cultural understanding with their language skills. With a view to sharing their experiences with others, the idea behind Eurocosm was born.

In July 1999 the international team at Eurocosm started to build the Active Language© Database, a five-language databank containing over 50,000 authentic phrases out of newspapers, TV, literature and both private and professional conversations. Using this database, together with the experience of Eurocosm experts, our interactive self-teaching course was developed, which enables users to learn up to 5 languages at the same time. In the next phase, the site was expanded to include books, CDs, Videos, regional products, and more general information, tips and links relating to land and culture, living and working, and travel. In addition, our classifieds section was added to encourage interaction among Eurocosm's customers.

Note: Europe is obviously much more than the 5 countries covered currently by our website, and in future our scope will be further broadened.

Target Customers

Eurocosm's language course is targeted, in particular, at people who have studied at one time or another more than one foreign language. However, it will also be of benefit to those wanting to learn just one foreign language, those travelling or moving abroad, those who are looking for work, or simply those wishing to find out more about a particular country. To all these people, Eurocosm wants to be considered a trusted partner, sensitive to its customers' needs, and offering useful support.

Our website also offers attractive opportunities to business customers. Advertising, inclusion in our links collection or free advertising in our classifieds section will help clients to improve their business. Business customers may also sell or market their products in our shop. We also offer an attractive program whereby businesses can market our language products on our behalf. If you might be interested in any of these services, please send us an e-mail!

A third important customer group is made up of educational establishments, with whom we wish to work together to share language resources and improve language learning techniques.


Managing Director of Eurocosm is Johl Garling. After completing his Engineering degree in England, he worked as Product Manager for an English company, before joining FIAT in Italy. After 3 years in Milan, he took the MBA course at London Business School, after which he joined Andersen Consulting in Frankfurt, where he worked as a manager in the Strategic Services unit, advising large multinationals in and around Europe. After five years with Andersen Consulting, Johl Garling left to set up Eurocosm.


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