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Soars to an amazing 100 feet, designed
by a rocket scientist!

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Our Sky Blades flying toy is one of our favourite flying toys. Priced very competively, the thrill the Sky-Blades Rocket gives children (and adults!) represents very good value for money. Not only does the rocket perform well, flying high into sky, it also comes in a large format 37cm clamshell pack, which children seem to find particulalry impressive (of course the most important thing is the quality of the product, not the packaging, but in this case the packaging is also worth a mention). The Sky Blades rocket is driven by a rubber band, which you wind up prior to launch by turning the propeller in the opposite sense to its normal rotating direction with your finger. Although by no means essential, we do recommend the SkyBlades Winder optional extra, as this does save a lot of manual winding time.

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ONLY £9.95
Sky Blades

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The Sky Blade is an aircraft you can launch with your own hand. Designed by an aeronautical rocket scientist, this rocket can soar more than 100 vertical feet. The SkyBlade has two large propellers that rotate in opposite directions, keeping the rocket on a stable vertical flight. The "X-lock" rotor system also ensures targeted landings. Our SkyBlade set includes extra rubber bands and rotor blades, just in case. Batteries are not required.

Sky Blades Winder: this is an optional extra which takes the effort out of launching the SkyBlades Rocket. Each flight will require 90-350 turns (the higher the number of turns, the higher the SkyBlade flies). The winder requires 2 AA Batteries. To add the winder to your order, just mark the box next to the add to cart button above before clicking "add to cart".

Package includes:
  • 23.5cm Sky Blades Rocket in an impressive 37cm clamshell pack
  • Extra set of blades
  • Extra rubber band
  • Rubber band install tool
  • Instruction Booklet & Flying Guide
  • Sky-Blades Battery Winder optional extra
Ages: 8+
Aircraft features:
  • Counter-Spinning, Gyro-Copter Lift Action
  • Spins and Soars over 100 Vertical Feet
  • Soft Nose Cone for Safety
  • X-Lock System for "Targeted" Landings!
  • Watch it Blast-off into Space!
  • Battery-operated winder available as optional extra!

Sky-Blades Winder ...

only: £ 6.95

Flying Toys: In the olden days, flying toys were often expensive, noisy and very fragile, and if you wanted to own one, you usually had to spend months making it yourself. Advances in propulsion technologies - most notably batteries, lightweight high-strength materials, and digtal electronics are helping to bring prices down, opening up possibilities for new types of flying toy, and significantly improving durability. There are, however, many products available today that, despite bold claims, do not always live up to expectations. To avoid this problem, we only present products WE KNOW TO WORK WELL - often from well-known trusted brands, such as The Science Museum. Our flying toys are great fun for children, but also for their parents, who can't help but recapture some of that childhood excitement that these products create.

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