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SolarMate Secure

Solar Mate Secure – Solar Powered Security Light
Everything you need, just attach to your wall!

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Our SolarMate Secure Kit can provide essential light and electrical power to any outdoor buildings such as sheds, workshops, summer houses, stables, agricultural buildings etc. A Solar Mate kit is quick and easy to install, requiring no special tools and can be operating within an hour. The Solar Mate Secure is a PIR, movement activated, high power security light designed to provide light up to a range of 16 feet. Installed in minutes, Solar Mate Secure is supplied with a connection cable and wall fixings.
ONLY £32.95

Solar Mate Secure Solar Lighting Kit

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Solar Mate Secure is an efficient and easy way to provide movement activated security lighting where mains power does not exist. Using the most advanced Thin Film solar cell technology, Solar Mate Secure's solar panel powers the three replacable internal AA rechargeable batteries, located in the light unit, during the day ready for operation once the sun goes down.

The Solar Mate Secure light unit contains 3 double sized super efficient LEDs, which are powerful enough to illuminate and area up to 16 feet away from the light unit. Its integrated PIR movement sensor can be adjusted both for sensitivity and time, so the bulbs can burn from between 30 seconds and 20 minutes per activation. The Solar Mate Secure's light unit attaches to the Solar panel via a supplied 6 foot cable. Full fitting instructions are included.

Kit includes:
  • RWE German made solar cell
  • Light unit contains 3 double sized white LEDs and PIR
  • Light unit is supplied with 3 x rechargeable AA batteries
  • 6 foot connecting cable joins the light unit to the solar panel
  • Wall fixings included



How it Works


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only: £ 27.95
SolarMate Secure features:
  • Lighting without mains electricity
  • Complete Kit, just fix to your wall
  • Easy to install
  • Safe and harmless
  • All weather product built to resist the strongest storms
  • Free Power
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Satisfaction
* 2 year warranty

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Solar Energy is a tried and tested power source that is already being used around the world for numerous commercial, industrial, government and domestic applications. It is powering water pumps in African villages, weather stations in the Antarctic and satellites in space! It works by transforming the energy from the sun into a reusable form of electricity, a process known as Photovoltaic (or PV for short). Your Solar panel acts as a collecting tray, helping you catch the sun’s rays. The bigger the panel, the more energy you can collect. The energy collected is stored for your future use in a battery. Sometimes you collect more energy than you actually need so with larger panels a voltage regulator should be fitted to control the flow of energy and prevent battery damage (a regulator is not required for the SolarMate Secure and Solarmat II models shown on this page). It would be hard to find a more environmentally friendly power supply. Clean and green, solar power is a renewable, sustainable and non-polluting source of energy. It is easy to see the appeal of solar power for domestic use. Low maintenance and long lasting, it is a highly cost-effective and reliable energy supply. All Solar panels come with a 10 year guarantee.

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