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Our Silk Fire Lamp is quite simply by far the best silk flame we have seen, ideal for fireplaces, parties etc ... it's all in the flame ...

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All atmosphere of a real flame, without the danger of a naked flame, smoke or mess! Our Flame Lamps create a realistic fire-effect using silk flames, and a special lighting lighting element that looks so authentic, you would be forgiven for thinking it is a real flame. Each lamp uses a small quiet fan to flicker and flap the silk flames, while a small lamp illuminates them with a gentle warm glow; the effect is very hypnotic and ideal for bringing life to any occasion! We have reviewed a number of these artificial electric flame lights and this one clearly is the very best we have seen and, for the quality, certainly the best value for money - we are therefore very pleased to warmly recommend this product.
ONLY £29.95

Firelamp Flame Light

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The most popular use for this lamp is to use in a fireplace or Chiminea. You can surround the lamp with firewood if you wish, as this hides the base of the unit and makes the flame even more realistic. It also works very well as a standalone lamp.

The Firelamp uses a combination of a saffron-coloured flame and a multi-coloured bulb to provide a faithful representation of the spectrum of firelight colours. The filter on the bulb absorbs the shorter wavelengths of light (such as blue, indigo and violet) and transmits the longer wavelengths associated with fire (such as red, orange and yellow) and this not only gives the flame a multi-colouration but also allows flickering firelight colours to fall on adjacent walls and ceilings.

The Fire lamp flame is a far cry from the usual vaguely triangular piece of silk which has many shortcomings. Our twin flame has two pieces of flame-shaped silk joined together around an oval-shaped metal band and brings its shape into something akin to a very floppy bishop’s mitre which fits right around the bulb, rather than being suspended above it. This makes it 3-dimensional, much more incandescent (since the light has to shine through the fabric, not merely reflecting off its surface), and removes the sharp edges of the usual single flame.

  • Mains powered
  • Size : 8.5cm L x 8.5cm W x 11cm high
  • Long-life MR11 Red Bulb - available as spare
  • Long-life Silk Flame - available as spare

Silk flame effect lighting is not a new concept; patents go back as long ago as the 1940s, and it seems that it was the advent of the electric fire that stimulated its development. Twisting or fluttering fabric filaments behind a partially opaque screen, illuminated by a warm amber glow were the early designs. It wasn't until the sixties that the re-design of the concept as a simulated fire in theatreland stimulated a resurgence in the use of flame lights. A third wave of development came in the 90s with the clubland explosion and its need for sophisticated special effects in the pursuit of exciting visual entertainment. Since then flame lights have been adopted by a few niche markets such as exhibition stand designers, the fireplace industry, and lighting designers for pubs, clubs and restaurants. But it is only now that a lightweight, versatile model has been developed for the domestic market. The Fire Lamp can be used as an attractive 'stand-alone' flame light or easily incorporated into a legion of designs or mountings to provide user-specific flame-lighting. In the domestic market, its versatility as an 'electric candle' is as attractive as it is in the commercial marketplace.
  • Very Realistic Silk Flame
  • Quiet operation
  • Ideal for indoor & outdoor use
  • Long-lasting Components
  • Spares available

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