Water Rocket

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for Children

Professional Water Rocket
Flies hundreds of feet into the air!

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Our Professional water Rocket flies hundreds of feet in the air without the need for fuel or batteries. Getting started is easy. Begin by part-filling the rocket with water; then connect the foot pump included and pump air into the rocket. A gauge on the pump will show you when you've created enough pressure. Squeezing the hand-launcher releases this pressure, sending your rocket soaring up into the sky! It creates an amazing spectacle, and is guaranteed to be fun for anyone of any age.

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Water Rocket

Professional Water Rocket

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The Professional Water Rocket is built from durable but soft materials, so it won't break on crash-landing; plus its soft nose cone prevents damage should it hit something. The launch pad & mechanism are constructed from tough plastic and metal.

The Professional Water Rocket should be launched in an open space, away from obstacles and people or animals. The rocket is not suitable for indoor use. Younger children should always be supervised by an adult.
  • You may have seen other rockets, but this is definitely among the very best
  • Part-fill the rocket with water, then connect up the pump to force more air into the rocket. (Pump included)
  • Squeeze the hand-launcher to release the pressure in the rocket, and watch it zoom into the air. Take care not to hit anything on the way up (or down)!
  • Educational as well as fun for parents as well as children
Package includes:
  • Professional Water Rocket
  • Launch Pad, with launch trigger
  • Instruction Booklet & Flying Guide
  • Air Pump
Ages: 7+
Water Rocket Features:
  • Virtually-unbreakable Water Rocket
  • No batteries or fuel required
  • Re-Useable use again and again!
  • Cheap to run - Just add water!
  • Suitable for outdoor use, all-year round

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