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Extend the swimming season dramatically,
with our easy-to-fit INTEX 3kW Pool Heaters,
Ideal for Above Ground Pools!

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Our heaters are Easy to Install, fit any Swimming Pool (you just connect it to the pump hose), cheap to run, can be plugged into any normal household electrical socket, and are sufficient to raise the temperature of your swimming pool sufficiently to extend the season and make going for a swim a much more pleasurable experience. Also, our heaters are modular - if you need to add more heat, just add another heater in series. Above-all, our heaters are priced more sensibily then many other swimming pool heaters we have seen, making them ideal for garden use, especially with above ground swimming pools.
ONLY £109.00
Swimming Pool Heating

Intex 3kw Electric Swimming Pool Heater

In the UK, if you wish to keep the kids' enthusiasm going for using the pool outside the hottest few weeks of the year, a heated swimming pool in the UK is really worth it!

How much heat is 3KW? 1 Kilowatt is approximately the heat given off by a one-bar electric heater, so 3KW is approximately equal to a three bar electric fire.

Are they expensive to run? To calculate the cost of running your heater, just look at your electricty bill - take the price per kilowatt hour (kwh), and multiply it by 3 (ie 3kw for the heater) - that is the price you will pay per hour for heating your pool. You can make significant savings by running the heater when yout kwh price is at its lowest (usually during the night). A simply time-switch mains adaptor costing a few pounds can be set up to automatically switch on the heater during the cheapest periods. EXAMPLE: say you pay 4p per Kwh, the price you pay for using your pool heater is 12p per hour. If you run the heater for 4 hours a day, that makes 44 pence per day.

How many heaters do I need? This depends on the size of pool, the level of insulation (eg if you use a cover for the pool), how often you run your heater, and the temperature to which you wish to heat the pool. For a circular pool up to 15ft in diameter, a single 3kw heater is generally sufficient to more than "take the edge off" going swimming.

Is it compatible with my pool? Our universal heaters are compatible with all pools that have a pump, such as Intex Easy-set pools and many other makes. The heater is best fitted after the pump, so that the water passing through the pool heater has already been filtered. Our heaters are also compatible with all pool chemicals, such as chlorine.

Are these pool heaters easy to install? Yes, very easy to install. The heater is simply fitted into the return hose that comes out of the pump and goes back into the pool. Our 3KW heaters can be safely plugged into a normal household socket. If you have two 3kw heaters, you can simply plug them into separate sockets.

Are pool heaters safe? Yes. Our heaters exceed European safety standards (TUV and CE approved). The heaters are even thermostatically controlled, so that if your pump shuts down, the heater will switch off too. Also includes a water level sensor and an incline switch for even more safety. As with all outdoor electrical devices, you should of course make sure that a circuit breaker (costs a few pounds) is used.
Low-Cost Swimming Pool Heaters:
  • Extend the swimming season - spring, summer & autumn
  • Quality heater, European Saftey Standards approved
  • 3kw heating power
  • Cheap to run
  • Universal heater fits all pools with external filter pumps
  • Great value for money!
  • 1 Year guarantee

  • I received the Heater this morning in plenty of time thanks to all for making this happen. Very happy Customer. Best Regards - Ally M, Aberdeenshire
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