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Writers in the Middle Ages and Victorian era were intrigued by the mystique of the Celts, and this interest continues today. Here we present a beautiful range of Celtic jewellery from the Celtic heartland of West Cornwall, providing a fresh approach to the Celtic concept. All pieces are made of solid silver, and arrive in stunning visually-appealing packaging. Our jewellery is bought by both Celtic enthusiasts as well as by people who admire the elegant designs. They also make excellent christening presents and gifts.

Who were the Celts? It is possible that the steppes of Russia and eastern Europe were the original homeland of the people who evolved into the Celts. Like the other people associated with that region, the ancient Celts spoke an Indo-European language and from their very early beginnings were renowned for their skill as horsemen. From 1300 to 800 BC these people developed the first system of organised agriculture in northern Europe. They were also excellent artisans and used advanced bronze casting techniques to make highly decorated body armour, shields and swords. It was from around 750-50BC that they were at their zenith. During this period of expansion they even sacked Rome and invaded Greece. It was also during this period that they first appear in the written historic record, being referred to as the Keltoi by the Greeks around 500BC. (It is from this word that we get the name Celts.) The first artistic phase began around 700 BC and is named after the town Hallstatt in Austria where many finds occurred. It peaked at around 500BC in what is now known as the La Tène period, after the town in Switzerland where many finds occurred. This was the beginning of the Celtic art that is famous the world over and which was to continue for 1500 years as a unique style and which is still copied and provides inspiration for jewellery designers today. From Ireland in the NW, across to Eurasia and down to Turkey in the east and Spain in the SW, the Celtic tribes formed a single nation that controlled most of western Europe, before being beaten back by the combined pressure of the Greeks, Romans and later the Germanic peoples. It was with their energy and skills as miners, artisans, traders and inventors that they contributed so much to the rest of Europe.

Celtic Crosses
The Celtic cross is unique in the Christian world. The earliest version was an equal limbed cross, often flared at the ends and contained within a circle. It is thought to have been derived from a combination of the first two letters for Christ in Greek, chi and rho. This was a commonly used symbol of Christianity in the 4th Century AD. Over time, these two letters became the Celtic cross, with the circle around them symbolising celestial energy and eternity.
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Celtic Crosses
6 designs, solid silver
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Pendants and Wristwear
4 designs, solid silver
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Pendents & Wristwear
Inspired by original Celtic designs, our pendants and wristwear are made of solid silver, and represent great value for money at an affordable price. These pieces also make excellent christening presents.

Earrings & Brooches
Representing great value for money, the prices of our earrings are some of our most affordable. All items are made of solid silver.
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Earrings & Brooches
6 designs, solid silver
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